English o'clock 2.0 - Beginner Episode 21 (29.06.2020)

English o'clock 2.0 - Beginner Episode 21 (29.06.2020)

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English o'clock 2.0 - Beginner Episode 21 (29.06.2020) description

English inglés principiante clases de inglés English o'clock 2.0

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Could you tell me, which is the vocabulary book that you mention in this podcast?

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Marta A

2 mistakes for me. One hundred thousand... buff, mira que lo estabas avisando. Thanks thanks thanks Julia.

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Efrén Moreno Cedillo

I had 1 mistake on the number dictation, when you put the pedal to the metal my gosh!!, but like I said the challenge is for one self, and with your help everything is more easy peasy, thank you very much Julia!!, have a nice day.

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