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Musica para elevar el espiritu description

música meditación

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Deep Energy 2.0 - Music for Sleep, Meditation, Rel

Deep Energy 2.0 - Music for Sleep, Meditation, Rel

Deep Energy Podcast is a podcast of ambient and new age music for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Massage, Yoga, Reiki and Therapy.

Apnea - Deep and Chillout music

Apnea - Deep and Chillout music

Deep electronic music podcast : ambient, dubtechno, deeptechno…

Chill Out Now

Chill Out Now

Spurious his 'Chill Out Now' podcast is full of tunes with enchanting melodies and can be described as Dreamy Deep House. Once every few months there’s a new episode available. Spurious started his journey with the release of a solo album in 2015 which reached the #1 position worldwide on Beatport. Multiple singles followed on Bacci Bros Records, known from artists such as: Hardage, Artful Dodger & Romina Johnson (Moving Too Fast) and Jocelyn Brown. One of the highlights in Spurious his musical career so far was the opportunity to remix ‘Don’t Let Me Down‘ from Hardage featuring Maxi Priest and there's no doubt that more highlights will follow. The actual start of making music was way before 2015... Watch to find out how and when.

The Chillout Lounge Mix

The Chillout Lounge Mix

Breathtaking, Relaxing Chillout music by various artists all mixed together into one Continuous DJ Mix by Tim Angrave.

Perpetuum Mobile

Perpetuum Mobile

Perpetuum Mobile es un programa en el que encontraremos una cuidada selección musical donde tienen cabida esos estilos musicales difíciles de etiquetar, composiciones que van desde el minimalismo a la new age, pasando por el jazz o las bandas sonoras o la world music.

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