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podcast vitaminas embarazo maternidad acido folico

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Muchas gracias Yolanda por contar en primera persona y tratar este tema, es verdad que cada mujer y su embarazo, si bien tienen muchos puntos comunes como es lógico, hay que tratarlo de manera individual, incluso distintos embarazos en la misma mujer. ¡Nos encanta tu programa! Beso!

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Scummy Mummies - Podcast

Scummy Mummies - Podcast

A comedy chat show for less-than-perfect parents. Hosted by comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn and featuring guest parenting experts, comedians and authors. The podcast covers the big issues affecting modern parents - from fish fingers to farting, to play-dates and pelvic floors. Expect frank and funny chat as well as wine, laughter and sophisticated boob jokes. Check out our Scummy Mummies Blog and dates for our Live Comedy Shows -

The Story Home Children's Audio Stories

The Story Home Children's Audio Stories

A wonderful world of stories awaits you at The Story Home, read by a very special storyteller named Alan. Here you will find enchanting original children's tales that cannot be found anywhere else, plus many of your favorite story classics that will delight and inspire your imagination. Enjoy our stories, and be sure to tell your friends and family too! Check our our iPhone and iPad Apps on iTunes at:

The Good, The Dad & The Ugly: The Fatherhood Podca

The Good, The Dad & The Ugly: The Fatherhood Podca

Welcome to The Good, The Dad & The Ugly: The Fatherhood Podcast. Your number 1 guide to being a dad, brought to you by a few guys who haven't a clue. Join Seth Singh Jennings, Jamie Tucker and a different special guest each episode as they try to navigate the unpredictable and often choppy waters of fatherhood, whilst attempting to figure out what it means to be a parent in 2017. As well as full length monthly episodes, we have weekly 'Baby Bites' which offer additional content and a chance to hear previously unreleased material. This is your weekly dose of honest chat about modern fatherhood!

Brains On! Science podcast for kids

Brains On! Science podcast for kids

Brains On!® is a science podcast for curious kids and adults from American Public Media. Co-hosted each week by kid scientists and reporters from public radio, we ask questions ranging from the science behind sneezing to how to translate the purr of cats, and go wherever the answers take us. @Brains_On



"When The Kids Go To Sleep" - debut twice weekly podcast by Shay Carl and Colette Shay Carl and wife Colette, the "First Family of Youtube" and co-founders of web video giant Maker Studios, are debuting "When The Kids Go To Sleep", a bi-weekly podcast hosted on with video segments uploaded to "When The Kids Go To Sleep" will feature the husband and wife team giving relationship and parenting advice, cover news and entertainment gossip with call-in requests and Twitter questions for fans of the "Shaytards", the hit web series starring Shay, Colette and their four children and "The Mom's View", Colette's new web series. "When The Kids Go To Sleep" will also have special appearances by celebrity guests, YouTubers, friends and family.

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