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ArkSessions #8

ArkSessions #8

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Funky Vocal House Sessions

Funky Vocal House Sessions

a new mix every month of only the finest selection of funky, vocal, disco house releases

Electro House ,Filthy House, Dirty Electro, ohh...

Electro House ,Filthy House, Dirty Electro, ohh...

A Mix of Electro, Electro , Breaks, Funky, Dirty House for one and all! add me...or don't.... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Iax/7026279519 Disclaimer This blog is for the purpose of teaching the copyrighted work by means of a "Mix" under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, I claim no ownership of any of the tracks contained within. No individual tracks are hosted on this blog and if you wish for your material to be removed from a mix, please contact iax@mail.com and it will be removed from the site immediately. All materials are removed permanently after a designated time and no money has ever been or is made from this blog. If you are a consumer and enjoy the material that you have downloaded, please support the artist by purchasing the CD, DVD and/or MP3/AAC files. Thank you kindly. Iax