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Que buen enfoque Ingrid! You are the best!

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Attraction HQ

Attraction HQ

Hayley Quinn is an international speaker, TV personality and Dating Guru. Attraction HQ is the definitive guide to having great relationships with women, without changing who you are or becoming an alpha-idiot in the process. You'll learn step by step skills to improve how you communicate with women: from how to approach a women to a brilliant first date conversation. If you're constantly the Nice Guy, the friend, or just don't know where to start I will be teaching you the ways you can authentically meet and connect with more women. As a woman Hayley will also give you the key insights into female psychology you need to understand her, plus simple, honest ways to build relationships with women. You don't need to change your DNA, you need to change your outlook. It's time to get off the sidelines and start to create the love life that you want.

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Kinky Discussions: Sex and Kink in Modern Britain

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